Monday, October 15, 2007

The Filthy Plagiarists' Roll of Dishonour: September 2007

[This post is today's second. See below for the real October 15 post.]

The 25 September 2007 inductees into FPROD are:

  • an observations essay about parakeets birds
  • examples of introdction [sic] of an essay on how to begin writing a essay describing a room to someone who has never s
  • expository essay on the importance of having integrity
  • 4 page concept essay on aliens
  • thesis statement of batman essay
  • process analysis essay on sandwich
  • descriptive essay about my aunt
  • hobbit thesis
  • elizabethan photo paragraph of writing describing it
  • essay show how bilbo is a hero
  • essays on the impact of writing and speech
  • subjective and objective words describing a girl
  • descriptive writing, describe a woman
  • useful narrative essay writing phrases
  • bilbo such a hero transition to next paragraph in the hobbit
  • essay thesis on batman
  • 5 paragraph essay aliens
  • all that is gold does not glitter analysis
  • descriptive writing ants
  • descriptive essay about dinner
  • essay in support of colloquialism
  • write a three to four-page essay that explains what writing and/or reading can mean in a person's life
  • essay on fear
  • thesis statement and example in body paragraph about bilbo hobbit
  • explain frodo and his friends relationship


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