Thursday, August 23, 2007

Table of Contents and Index

I'll have a real post for you tomorrow or the next day; for now, take this contents/index page. It is organised alphabetically by subject; each item is followed by a link or links to the relevant post(s). At the top of the entry, I've listed the name of each post and its short form. The index itself will be linked in its own special little space on the left-hand margin of the blog. I'll update the index every time I post a new entry.


Tremble in Fear, O Ye Students: Tremble
How Not to Write a Thesis: Thesis
Sandwiches Are Not Freaking Beautiful: Sandwiches
Yes, Formality Matters, Damn It: Formality
If You Skip the Prewriting Stage, I Shall Haunt Your Nightmares: Prewriting
Organise Your Thoughts; Win Eternal Fame and Glory: Organise
Since the Dawn of Time, Students Have Sucked at Intros: Intros
I, We, You, They, Argh, Argh, Argh: Argh
(Don't) Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Yellow
How Not to Say Nothing in One Thousand Words: Nothing
Don't Abuse Your Body...Paragraphs: Body
Conclusion, Conclusion, Conclusion: Conclusion
Active. Bloody. Voice. Damn It.: Voice
If You Skip the Postwriting Stage, I Shall Eat Your Mind: Postwriting
Put Your Hands in the Air and Step Away from the Semi-Colon: Semi-Colon
Yes, It's a Tree; WHAT ELSE Is Important?: Description
Bibliography: Bibliography
Attention, All Plagiarists: I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING: Plagiarists
Qualify This "This" or Face the Consequences: This
The Straw Man Will Get You Every Time: Straw
Friends Don't Let Friends Use Ad Hominem Arguments: Hominem
The Filthy Plagiarists' Roll of Dishonour: September 2007: September
I'm Not Dead Yet (or: Marking Comments Made Simple): Marking
I Have a Headache, and Other Related Stories: Headache
Rules Are Made to Be Broken, but Not the Little Annoying Ones: Rules
Out for Blood: My Immoderate Response to the Garbage of Dale Spender: Garbage
Commas are Not "Pauses"...not "Pauses" at All: Commas

A Ranty Post for the Batman Plagiarists: Batman
Please Tell Me What Has Led You to Believe that Apostrophes are Optional: Apostrophes


abstract words: Description
active voice: Voice
ad hominem fallacy: Hominem
anecdote, starting essay with: Intros
analogy, starting essay with: Intros
analysis: Nothing, Headache

apostrophe: Apostrophes

argument: Thesis
“author of this essay, the”: Argh

Batman, plagiarising assignment on: Batman

brainstorming: Prewriting
branching: Prewriting, Organise
body paragraph: Nothing, Body
body paragraph: examples: Nothing

clause: Semi-Colon
clause, adjective: Formality
clause, essential adjective: see clause, restrictive adjective
clause, independent (main): Semi-Colon
clause, non-essential adjective: see clause, non-restrictive adjective
clause, non-restrictive adjective: Formality
clause, relative: Semi-Colon
clause, restrictive adjective: Formality
clause, subordinate (dependent): Semi-Colon
“clearly”: Yellow
colloquialism: Postwriting
comma: Semi-Colon, Commas

comma splice: Commas

conclusion: Conclusion, Postwriting
conclusion as restatement of introduction: Conclusion, Postwriting
conclusion example: Conclusion
contractions: Formality
controversial statement, starting essay with: Intros
cookbook method: see sandwich method
coordinating conjunctions, starting sentences with: Formality
copyright: Semi-Colon
counter-argument: Postwriting

dangling preposition: Voice
debate as postwriting method: Postwriting
debate as prewriting method: Prewriting
definition, starting essay with: Intros
descriptive mode: Semi-Colon, Description
dictionary, importance of: Marking

editing: Postwriting
essential adjective clause: see clause, restrictive adjective
evidence, listing of: Nothing
example is not thesis point: Thesis, Nothing, Headache
example, starting essay with: Intros
exclamation mark: Formality
expletive: Argh, Voice
exposition: Description

Filthy Plagiarists' Roll of Dishonour: Plagiarists, This, Straw, Hominem, September, Rules, Commas
“firstly”: Sandwiches, Yellow
five-paragraph method: see sandwich method
freewriting: Prewriting
formal language: Formality
formulae: Intros, Yellow

gender-neutral third-person singular pronoun: Argh
generalization: Intros
grammar, necessity of learning rules of: Formality

hamburger method: see sandwich method
hasty generalization: see jumping to conclusions
“he” and “she”: Argh
hook: Intros
“how” question: Thesis, Nothing
humanities vs. sciences, writing styles as regards to: Body
humour: Formality

“In conclusion”: Yellow
"interesting" essay: Marking
intransitive verb: see verb, intransitive
introduction: Intros
introduction example: Conclusion
informal language: Formality
“In this essay, I will discuss”: Yellow
“I”: Argh, Voice
introductions: Intros, Postwriting
“it”: Argh
“it is”: Argh
“its” vs. ”it’s”: Argh

jumping to conclusions: Yellow, Nothing

“lastly”: Sandwiches, Yellow
listing points in thesis statement: Thesis
list, separating the elements of a: Semi-Colon
logical fallacies: Straw
looping: Prewriting

marker: Yellow
marking comments: Marking
Metaphorical Shoe Horn of Death: Body
mind-mapping: Prewriting, Organise, Postwriting
modes of essay-writing: Semi-Colon
my mission statement: Tremble
non-essential adjective clause: see clause, non-restrictive adjective
non-restrictive adjective clause: see clause, non-restrictive adjective

objectivity: Description
observation is not analysis: Nothing
off-topic writing: Semi-Colon
“one”: Argh
outlines: Organise, Postwriting

paragraph: Body
passive voice: Voice
past tense not the same as passive voice: Voice
peer editing: Postwriting
plagiarism: Organise, Plagiarists, Garbage, Batman
plot summary: see summary
plural vs. possessive forms: see the next entry
possessive vs. plural forms: Apostrophes
postwriting: Prewriting, Postwriting
present tense in essays about literature: Voice
prewriting: Prewriting, Nothing
process essays: Voice
pronouns: Argh
proofreading: Postwriting, Marking, Rules

question, starting essay with: Intros
quotation, incorporation into paragraph: Headache, Commas
quotation, starting essay with: Intros
“quote” vs. “quotation”: Yellow, Headache<>reading aloud as edition strategy: Postwriting

repetition: Yellow, Nothing, Body
restrictive adjective clause: see clause, restrictive adjective
revision: Postwriting
rules, petty: Rules

sandwich method: Sandwiches, Yellow, Body, Semi-Colon
sandwich paragraph: Body
“secondly”: Sandwiches, Yellow
semi-colon rules: Semi-Colon
“s/he”: Argh
shortest sentence in the English language: Semi-Colon
"show, don't tell": Description
“Since the dawn of time…”: Intros
sky-is-blue argument: Prewriting
spell-checker: Postwriting
split thesis: Thesis, Sandwiches, Body
straw man fallacy: Prewriting, Straw
Strunk and White: Formality
subjectivity: Description
summary: Nothing

tense shifts: Voice
thesis statement: Thesis, Sandwiches, Prewriting, Intros, Nothing, Postwriting
thesis statement, placement of: Intros
"that" as a demonstrative pronoun: see "this"
“that” vs. “which”: Formality, Prewriting
“that” vs. “which”: NA vs. UK rules: Prewriting
“there is”: Argh
thesaurus, usefulness of: Marking
"these" as a demonstrative pronoun: see "this"
“they” as a singular: Argh
“thing” words: Formality
"this" ("that," "these," "those") as a demonstrative pronoun: This
"those" as a demonstrative pronoun: see "this"

titles: underlining/italicising vs. putting in quotation marks: Rules
topic sentence: Body
transition: Yellow, Body, Conclusion, Postwriting
transitive verb: see verb, transitive

unification, lack of: Thesis, Sandwiches
unified thesis: Thesis, Sandwiches
universal statement, starting essay with: Intros
"utilise": Postwriting

verb, intransitive: Voice
verb, transitive: Voice

“we”: Argh
“what” question: Thesis, Nothing
“which” vs. “that”: see "that" vs. "which"
“why” question: Thesis, Nothing

“you”: Formality, Argh


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hey Kem,

I don't know if you talk about it in here - can't remember - but, how do you feel about using 'however' at the beginning of a sentence to denote 'nevertheless'? Strunk & White condemn it and I try to avoid it but I see it everywhere so I wonder if it is now considered acceptable practice....

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